I Can Predict the Future???🧘🏾‍♀️🍄🏵🔮

One day in the past, I recall having asked my spirit sister if everyone indeed was created in the same likeness. When it comes to certain abilities, characteristics and attributes, its obvious that some individuals' quality of lifestyle and choices are more beneficial than others'. Specifically speaking, there are two main life choices that automatically generate which lens we perceive the world in. Either we will be connected to the positive source or, derive emotions, mentality and a psychological dependency on a negative entity. Scarily enough, not to get off tangent, but this major life altering event occurs as early as childhood. It did for me, and it took nearly two decades for me to resurrect the negativity wedged into my cognition implanted by insecurity and self-hatred. Between the discussion my spirit sister and I had, I was challenging whether everyone on Earth had the ability to live positive lives connected to the Higher Conciousness. Through this connection, they…

🌟🌈How to Tell its a Sign🌈🌟

 Is it a sign? The biggest unanswered question of all time. Sometimes, it is almost torturous to go back and forth in our heads wondering: “is this a sign, or is it all in my mind?” Back in the day, before my enlightenment phase, I was terrible at pinpointing a sign from an insignificant event. Yet, after years of experience and learned wisdom, I’ve sharpened my eye for what a true sign is.

To even be able to detect a sign, we must understand what one is in the first place. A sign from the Universe or a Higher Conciousness, depending on your spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs, is an unsolicited or solicited message sent to direct you towards a certain path. It is suppose to leave an answer, or words of encourage/wisdom/advise on how to handle a certain situation/person/or decision. 

1. A sign is always repeated. 🌞

If something is a sign, then it will continuously pop up in your life. Whether from conversation with a friend or stranger, or through any other means of communication, it w…

Too Busy to Breathe

I am almost convinced that being busy is psychological. Sure, responsiblities, work, educational pursuits, recreational activities....they technically would make us busy, right? My average Monday consists of me shooting out of bed around quarter to nine, rolling into clothes, and slipping into my 11am. A chunk of my day is literally blocked due to scheduled obligations. Yet, I would more so categorize these commitments as me being occupied, rather than necessarily busy. Busy=occupied, I get it, but the connotations separate them. Busy is equated with stress. When I think of being busy, a stressful situation typically pops into my mind; being weeded at work, studying for statistics, making a tinder...etc. Whenever occupied comes to mind, I picture one of those portapotties with the little indicator on the door that reads: occupied. In other words, taken, being used at the moment. So, why do we care about occupied vs. busy? Because, many times we lie to ourselves.

It’s almost as if huma…

Pilot Webisode


I'm a Machine!!!

I could be a philosopher .... because as an avid inhabitant of this earth, I make it my mission to understand the little concepts that culminate, to create the complex world we are in. Humans were and are, the first machines of this World. Our heart is the energy source, literally powering our daily activities NONSTOP. The brain is the information system, where concepts are generated and stored. Our mouths are the communication center/ speakers. The body is a shell, like  armor .  Computerized machines are a form of artificial intelligence, so yes, of course a calculator is technically better at math than me....yet, I'm pretty certain a calculator doesn't hold the capacity to write an engaging story. Sure, a robot could be programmed to talk, heck maybe even to help with a mundane task ; yet, it could never be programmed to empathize. People are the original machines. Regardless of ethnicity, race, creed, etc, we are biologically identical. We are all just emotionally-wired ma…

Finding Your Core

Zeroing in on our core is essential to staying grounded. Being grounded, allows us as human beings, to always be connected with our conscientiousness. It cleanses our spirits, making our channel clear of any distractions or pollutants that cloud our thought process. Pollutants not as fossil fuels, but as the spiritual pollutants that encompass our day to day lives. We might be totally oblivious to the dark energies that engulf us, the minute we enter a concentrated, compacted scene. For instance, at work I am constantly surrounded by a swarm of people. On our busiest days, it can be a headache to maneuver in and out, through the halls, amongst the congested ring of people. People carry their own set of energies, not all of it beneficial. By centering into our core, we are linking our minds to our energy center. We are keeping a mindful eye on our energy levels and ridding our channels of any unhealthy vibes that attempt to infiltrate our mind, soul and body.

I've found a healthy w…

Music is Life